Crew Management

Microvision-Offshore  Services Ltd has its crew’s manning partners at Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippine, Indonesia and UAE. Our crew management encompasses a broad range of activities covering the recruitment and selection, deployment, training, crew costs monitoring and ongoing management of the officers and ratings engaged on vessels under our management.

Microvision-Offshore  Services Ltd manages its marine assets by focusing on quality and building up highly competent, motivated and loyal seagoing staff to man its ships and supplies to other shipping on demand. Microvision-Offshore  Ltd recruits crew through our manning partners offices based in Pakistan,
Sri Lanka, Philippine, Indonesia and UAE from where seafarers are recruited. Crew can be supplied for all ship types including crude oil tankers of all sizes, product and chemical tankers.

Microvision-Offshore  Services Ltd has one of best seafarer retention rates in the industry. This is achieved through having proper recruitment, remuneration, continual training and performance appraisal systems in place.