About us

Our Customers are focus to everything we do.

. It is their ever-increasing demand for competitive solutions and services that drives us to refine and integrate our services to meet their needs.

Microvision-Offshore Services Ltd commences business in 2014. It has been duly registered company with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

Microvision-Offshore Services Ltd is an emerging organization with key focus on Energy Transportation, Crew Management, Ship Management, Technical Management, Offshore Support & Accommodation Services. We aim to be a leader in Marine and Shipping services in the coming years. Our strength is our expertise in customer oriented services, selection of best fleets and our commitment to safety and quality.

We work on the strengths of our dedicated and professionally trained personnel’s along with strong alliances forged with mid to downstream players. We provide a full range of facilities, expertise and market insights that add value and support our customer’s business growth.

Our financial strength, global reach, strong reputation and innovation enable us to expand in step with our customers worldwide, responding to their needs and the changing demands of local, regional and global markets.

Our Mission

Microvision-Offshore Services is dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers, staff and suppliers. We are committed to delivering integrated services to the shipping, logistics, marine and related markets at the highest levels of quality and safety.

Our Vission

To provide outstanding Maritime and Shipping Services globally. Provision community life by delivering a flexible portfolio of services built on quality, safety, honesty, vigour and a commitment to long term business relationship.


The Management team of Microvision-Offshore  Services Ltd comprise of seasoned professionals with vast wealth of experience in Nigeria and International shipping Industry serving the Oil and Gas industry.

Organizational Chart

At Microvision-Offshore Services we act ethically, keeping our word in treating others with fairness and respect, we believe that integrity is the bedrock of our organization and we demonstrate a commitment to business ethics.

Microvision-Offshore Services is committed to foster ethical business practices as well as act responsibly with integrity in all its business dealings and activities.

Microvision-Offshore Services Code of Ethics presents the fundamental principle that guides the group’s commitment to sustainability, its respect for customers and coworkers, ethical business conduct, legal compliance and more. We believe this code outlines the core values of the company, with respect to how employees are generally supposed to approach problems

The Microvision-Offshore Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy has a staunch commitment to ensuring we conduct our business in the most ethical way. We believe in the heart of our commitment to conduct all our business in an honest and ethical manner. Priding ourselves on Integrity and Professionalism everywhere we are.

Pak marine shipping and service continues to improve its ethics and compliance program, the group has always encouraged open and frank communication regarding potential ethical or compliance problems. Our system offers guaranteed anonymity for the whistle blower. PAK MARINE has a non-strict retaliation policy protecting whistle blowers who make reports in good faith; our whistle blowing policy is intended to provide a frame work to promote responsible and secure whistle blowing without fear of adverse consequences

Microvision-Offshore has developed a rigorous compliance program regarding applicable regulations for economic sanctions and embargoes, in close cooperation with national and international authorities.

The company is committed to providing quality services, which consistently and continuously meets the requirements of its customers, whilst protecting assets under its care, its employees and the environment in general. Our quality management system is designed to continually improve performance by identifying and addressing the needs of our customers.in order for us to achieve a continual improvement. We have set, maintain and review where necessary revised quality objective with aim of continually improving our performance. All employees of the company are expected to conduct their work in a manner compatible with the company’s quality policy and objectives and are encouraged through dialogue to actively participate in meeting the needs of customers.

Microvision-Offshore is fully committed to a strong HSE (HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT) culture. We continuously invest in ways to improve the quality and performance of its services, the marine assets we manage operate at the highest standard of safety, quality and security, it is the company’s policy to promote:

  1. Health and Safety at Sea
  2. To provide high quality services operating under a structured and fully implemented quality management system
  3. To continuously improve safety management skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships, including preparing for emergencies related to safety and health.
  4. To prevent loss of human life and personal injury as well ill health

Awareness is one of the cornerstone of Microvision-Offshore service strategic response to the challenges of doing business in the 21 st century. The group encourages staff and management to be aware of, engage with and support the communities in which we live and work.

Microvision-Offshore companies around the world have always had a high level of awareness and take their corporate social responsibility very seriously. Our people take pleasure in raising awareness and funds for others.

Microvision-Offshore is committed to promoting a sustainable business model that goes far beyond a “business as usual” approach, remaining true to its roots and its core family values. Regardless of the challenge and transformation we might face in today’s business world, our approach will not change; we have a genuine passion for the sea, an unparalleled nautical heritage and a strong commitment to our employees and communities. We are committed to human rights and to participating in the social and economic development of the countries in which we operate.